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Banoffee Pie – Caramel And Banana Pie

This is our quick and easy banoffee pie recipe with our recommended amount of salt to off set the sweet caramel for those who adore salted caramel as much as us!

Why you will love this recipe?

Quick and easy – the easiest pie you’ll ever make! Just prepare the biscuit base and the caramel filling and refrigerate until you’re ready to assemble and eat. That’s it!

Two versions to choose from – make the easy caramel filling on the stovetop in less than 5 minutes, or take a shortcut and just use tinned caramel on its own for an even speedier dessert.

No bake – no need to turn on your oven. Just mix, layer and set – the fridge does most of the work
This banoffee pie recipe only takes a few ingredients and even fewer steps!

No Bake Banoffee Pie

Banoffee a yummy dessert that combines ‘banana’ and ‘toffee’ into one decadent treat!

Combines sweet, sticky toffee with fresh bananas — a match made in dessert heaven.

Quick and easy to whip up, this is a no-bake dessert.
You only need a few simple ingredients.
It’s a year-round treat, light enough for summer and comforting for winter.

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