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Busy Day Soup

Busy Day Soup is perfect for those busy weeknights. It’s quick to make and requires little effort. Who loves easy recipes? Rich and savory broth, tender pasta, and loads of veggies and beef in each bite.
Busy Day Soup

What I love about Busy Day Soup is that you can throw all the ingredients into the pot and let your stove work its magic.
It has a few low prep ingredients like ground beef, onion soup mix, mixed frozen veggies, diced tomatoes and macaroni.

It’s perfect for days where you don’t know what to make for dinner. If you’re like me, those days are frequent.

This fall is a busy season for our family. My youngest daughter rides horses a couple times a week and is also taking swimming lessons. She is in Bronze Medallion and hopes to be a lifeguard. It’s a lot of shuttling back and forth. Good times.

When I want a simple, hearty meal, I turn to this soup recipe. Serve it with soda crackers or a buttered roll. It’s so tasty and filling.
Can I Swap Meat in Soup

Sure, you are more than welcome to use ground turkey, pork, or even ground chicken. Just cook the meat until it is fully done. You could even take the skins off bratwurst and use them. I am sure it would add a nice level of flavor.
Or maybe you want to layer the flavor of two meats. Beef and sausage are always a fantastic pairing and really can elevate the flavor.

How do you keep soup fresh in the fridge?

Make sure you cool down the soup. Then, put it in a container with a lid and you can store it and keep it fresh for 3-4 days. After it cools down totally, the pasta will soak up the liquid, so when you want to warm it up you can add 2 cups of water to make it thinner.

Can you freeze soup after 3 days?

If you plan to freeze the soup, it is better to freeze it the same day to eliminate the risk of food poisoning. But you can add it to the freezer no later than 3 days.
How do I know if my soup is spoiled?

If your soup tastes sour, that is a sign your soup is sour. If you have a feeling your soup is sour, it is better not to taste it. You want to sniff it instead.

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