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Italian Cream Cake

Light and fluffy. This delightful homemade Italian Cream Cake is one of the greatest cakes ever invented! It’s a spectacular cake, any way you slice it. Pardon the pun. The rich thick pecan and coconut filled batter is only trumped by the decadent cream cheese frosting. It’s ideal for showcasing as the feature dessert for birthdays, holidays or any special gathering.

You might think this cake is from Italy with a name like Italian cream cake, but it’s not! While the origins of the cake are a bit of a mystery, rumors are that the cake originated in Texas. Its defining features are the toasted pecans and shredded coconut mixed throughout the layers of vanilla cake. The flavors go so well together that you’re not going to have any leftover after serving it

Do you have to refrigerate an Italian cream cake?

Yes, although it should be fine at room temperature in an airtight container for about 48 hours. After that, definitely put it in the fridge (still in an airtight container!).

Can I use a different icing?

You could, but classic Italian cream cakes are made with cream cheese icing and I’ve found the cake really benefits from the slight tang of a cream cheese frosting. If you’d like to switch things up, whipped cream frosting or Swiss meringue buttercream would be good alternatives!

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