Mexican Picadillo

Mexican Picadillo. This quick and easy dinner recipe comes together with minimal ingredients. Ground beef and potatoes are simmered in a tomato sauce. Serve this dish up with some rice and fresh flour tortillas for a complete meal.

Mexican Picadillo Recipe

We’re cooking up a Mexican style picadillo recipe in the Chili Pepper Madness kitchen today, my friends. Prepare yourself for amazing flavor.

If you’ve never tried picadillo before, this is a recipe you’ll want to add to your recipe collection. Mexican Picadillo is quick and easy to make, it’s big on flavor, and you can really customize it with many other potential ingredients.

Picadillo is a dish you’ll find in many different countries around the world, particularly in Latin America, where you’ll find Puerto Rican picadillo, Cuban picadillo, and many others.

This is a Mexican style picadillo, and I hope you love it.



Mexican picadillo is a flavorful of dish of meat and potatoes with tomatoes, peppers, and seasonings. There are many variations throughout Mexican, with different regions including different ingredients, and each of them vary wildly.

Some regional versions include like carrots, olives, almonds and raisins, which is similar to Cuban style. Ground meat is used in most recipes, though chicken or seafood are interesting variations.

Guajillo or ancho peppers are another variation, which add a deep, earthy flavor that I love. I sometimes include them.

Some regions include sweet elements, like honey, which change the texture, and make it flavorful in a completely different way. Picadillo is one of those recipes that changes based on your location and on the cook, so feel free to adapt it to your own preference.

It is often served with rice or tortillas, though it is popular stuffed into roasted peppers or stuffed into pastries.

This version is a simple one, focusing on the meat and potatoes aspect, as well as the seasonings, though you can include other ingredients as desired. Consider this a base picadillo recipe.


  • 1 lb ground beef
  • ½ cup onion diced
  • 1 green bell pepper diced
  • 2 cups potato peeled and diced

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