Ultimate Strawberry Refrigerator Heaven Dessert

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This dessert was so DELICIOUS! so refreshing! I will definitely make this at home! Everyone enjoyed it, one of the first desserts to go @ the meeting on Tuesday! Church Family approved for sure!

Great recipe! A couple of hints: Add about 1/2 tbs. cornstarch to the milk before you add it to the pudding. Will make the frosting thicker. Also, when icing the cake, apply a thin coat of icing first — that will cover some of the red purees. Then use a different utensil to spread large dollops of it over the thin coat. Voila, smooth icing with no red streaks.

EXCELLENT RECIPE! I substituted cheesecake flavored instant pudding ~ Heavenly. The cake was gone by day two at my house at six. Everyone begged me to make another one.

To make this cake travel-safe, try cutting the cake into 1″ cubes then layering it in a sealable bowl. Half of the cubed cake, half of the pureed strawberries, half of the pudding mix and repeat. Garnish with a few fresh strawberries and refrigerate! This is my family’s favorite way to eat it!!!


    • 3-4 cups strawberries sliced
    • 12-15 Whole Graham Crackers

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