Reuben Sliders

These Reuben Sliders are perfect for so many occasions! whether for a party or dinner, rest assured that your family and friends will absolutely love them!

When you want to make something simple as an appetizer for your friends and family, try these Reuben Sliders. The sliders are easy to assemble and loaded with flavor because of the corned beef, sauerkraut, dressing, and more. If you’re tired of the same basic sliders and want something different, this recipe will impress you. Perfect for Holidays or Game day!

What type of dressing will taste best with these sliders?

Russian dressing is a top choice for these sliders. If you don’t have it or don’t like it, you can use Thousand Island dressing to add more flavor. The zesty dressing tastes great with corned beef, sauerkraut, and more.

Do I have to use canned sauerkraut?

No, you don’t have to use canned sauerkraut. If you’d prefer to use bagged sauerkraut from the refrigerated section of the grocery store, feel free to do that. Use what you like and prefer most!

Why do I need to use poppy seeds?

The poppy seeds add a special touch to these rolls. They’ll stick perfectly on top of the rolls with the melted unsalted butter spread out on top of it.

How long does it take to prepare these sliders?

It only takes 10 minutes to assemble these sliders, which is great when you don’t have much time to spare. After you’ve prepared them, you’ll need an additional 30 minutes to let the sandwiches cook. You can have these tasty sliders ready to eat in less than an hour.

Why do I need to use Hawaiian rolls?

The Hawaiian rolls have that buttery, sweet taste that really takes these sliders to the next level. You’ll love the soft texture and the incredible flavor of these rolls when paired with corned beef, dressing, and other ingredients.

Can I add cheese to these sliders?

Yes, you can add some cheese to these sliders. Both American and Swiss cheese are two great options to add to these sliders

How to Store the Sliders

Put your sliders in an airtight container and place them in the fridge. You can keep them fresh in your fridge for up to three days. You won’t need to reheat them because they taste good cold, but you can microwave them if you’d like to eat your sliders warm.

Can I freeze these Reuben Sliders?

Yes, you can freeze these sliders. So, if you’d like to prepare them in advance and then save them for when you need them, this is a great recipe. When storing in the freezer, be sure to use an airtight container. Once you’ve placed the sliders in the freezer, they can stay there for up to three months before you’d need to thaw and enjoy.

You really can’t go wrong with sliders, and this classic combination for a reuben just takes them over the top. The sweetness from the rolls is the perfect touch. The rolls will soak up all that butter sauce and the bottoms get crispy, delish!

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